Hey! You’ve arrived at the personal site of Brian – yes, I am the ugly dude pictured above.

  • I work for Visma Consulting. I am a branch development manager and my roles are … everything development!
  • Occassionally I do technical review on books from The Pragmatic Bookshelf (pragprog). I’ve done reviews on such diverse books as “Dart for Hipsters”, “Create Mobile Games with Corona”, “OpenGL ES 2 for Android” and a couple of iOS books.
  • You can find me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Github.
  • I run my own very small consultancy in my spare time (Schau Consulting, CVR 31649102) where I help selected clients with code and consulting.
  • Phase 10 Score Card: PXSC
  • Pronouncable Password generator: pwd
  • Danish Jokes
  • Javascript Experiments: dances, explosions, julia, rectangles, stars

Curriculum Vitae

Development Manager, Visma Consulting, 2020/6 –
Everything development
CTO, esignatur, 2016/11 – 2020/5
Ensuring the continued improvement of the worlds best digital signing solution.
Lead Developer, esignatur, 2013/4 – 2016/11
C#, MVC, Razor, Raven DB, Git + GitHub, PAdES, PDF, SDO, XMLDSIG, Signing, Software Architecture, Team City
Developer, Telenor, 2011/7 – 2013/3
C#, MVC, Razor, MS SQL 2008, Git, TDD, SBE
Developer / Application Specialist, CDRator, 2009/9 – 2011/3
Release Management, Subversion, Java, 118 service, impl. of Service Providers and training/education
Senior Solution Architect, Capernow, 2008/5 – 2008/8
Develop roadmap for iTSM product
Solution Architect, Hewlett Packard, 2001/9 – 2008/4 and 2008/11 – 2009/8
Virtualization, consolidation, solution architecture, workshop facilitation, “Driver for Linux”, Technical Project Management, Developer on HP OpenView ServiceActivator
Infrastructure Consultant, Compaq Computers, 1999/12 – 2001/8
Unix/Linux infrastructure (firewalls, email gateways), Openwave KX/MX, Sendmail, Design and development of MTA gateway
Developer/System Administrator, Fleggaard Dandata, 1996/6 – 1999/11
Embedding AcuCobol in the Apache Webserver, data collection tools based on Datamate and Systel, Sysadmin on Linux and HP-UX

You can view my full CV in danish or english.